Belgium makes fantastic chocolates. There so good they’re one of Belgium’s main food exports. Belgium is the home of the European Commission, NATO and Tintin and about 10 million people. It is a country divided in three regions with three different languages spoken. Dutch, or actually Flemish, is spoken in Flanders, in the northern half of the country and in Wallonia in the south of the country, French is spoken. German is spoken by a minority of Belgiums who live along the border. Brussels is officially bilingual (Dutch/French) but tends to edge more to French.

Stuck between France and Holland Belgium lacks easy to get agricultural opportunities. Furthermore Belgium stands at a high degree of unemployment in comparison to the rest of Europe. This is also due to the fact Belgium has good redundancy regulation for employers so when business slows people are sacked. Many people are hired on temporary contracts so if you have the right skills or qualifications you could well be hired as a temp.