Italy is a country of great contrasts, from the skiing mountains of the north and the Tuscan sweet hills of centre (more about holidays in Tuscany), to the industrialized hinterlands around Milan, down to the agricultural lands and beautiful Mediterranean ports of the south. With a population exceeding 57 million, much of Italy retains its traditional character. It is considered a good travel destination and offer a great variety of Italy accommodations. It can be reached easily by car, plane, train or ferry (visit

Italians are well dressed too, spending more on clothes and shoes than any of the other 14 countries in the EU! It has to be said that good-looking smartly dressed people have far more chance of success finding a job than their dowdy counterparts. Besides its fashion and design industry, their food and wine are world renowned for. No wonder Italians are often referred to as the inventors of the “passeggiata”, or evening stroll, after the evening meal.

Unfortunately Italy is one of the hardest countries to find casual work. Hospitality jobs demand highly skilled people, vineyard owners hire North African and Arab immigrants to help them out during season and the Italian bureaucracy makes it hard to get a work permit. Potential employers fear the high fines they can get for employing illegal workers and therefor rarely hire any. At the working traveller we therefor recommend working for one of the many foreign tour operators operating in Italy. Some tour operators are listed under the “worldwide” section of this website.

Once Italians accept you they will get out of their way to find you a place in their communities. Once you get a toehold you will find that a friendly network of contacts and possible employers will quickly develop, even a sympathetic landlady at your pension could become the key to finding a job. So get outside and mingle and tell them you’re looking for a job.